How to service your stove and oven.


Generally, ovens and stoves operate fairly simply and they are often very easy to repair mainly because the components are designed for fast disassembly. Majority of the malfunctions which affect ovens and electric stoves involve heating elements that are faulty. It is worth noting that the taking a peek inside to assess the problem is the first step in servicing ovens and stoves. Always make sure that it is unplugged or turn off the electric power of the unit by removing a fuses or simply tripping a circuit breaker at the main entrance panel before you start doing any work on an oven or stove. Considers disconnecting a grounding wire in case it is there. It is also essential that you close the gas supply valve so as to shut off the gas supply of the unit.


In case the stove or oven heats unevenly or does not heat to the desired temperature, it is important to know that the problem could be a door basket that is defective. You can simply test for this by passing your hands around the door while the oven is turned on and be careful not to touch it. The gasket requires replacement if you can feel heat freely escaping. The gasket on most ovens is located on the oven’s frame and the door closes against it hence can be replaced. However, there are other ovens in which their door has two sections and the gasket is installed between the back and front sections of the door instead of being mounted on the door frame. This kind of gasket requires a professional service person to replace it.


The steps in replacing a frame mounted gasket include pulling the old gasket out of the channel, cleaning the channel and the frame of the door with a solution of water and mild household detergent. Installing the new gasket requires that you begin the replacement at top of the door frame and work down the sides easing the gasket around corners. Complete the installation along the bottom, firmly butting together the gasket’s ends. An oven that heats unevenly or does not heat at all most likely involves a faulty thermostat, timer or control. Do not worry so much because majority of these issues can be dealt by yourself at minimal cost.


Repairing the oven and stove setting control entails removing the control knob and removing the front service panel or back panel if necessary. Avoid testing the control with a volt-ohm miliammeter because it will not always give conclusive result. In case you suspect some fault in the setting control, consider substituting a control that you are sure is working or just replace the faulty setting control with a new one made for stoves and oven. Oven thermostat may be malfunctioning if the oven does not heat at all or heat unevenly. It is worth noting that if your oven or stove is receiving power but does not work, you should know that the unit may have its own circuit breaker assembly or fuse. Usually, this assembly is located under the range’s cooktop. There are some units in which you have to lift the range so as to gain access to the fuse assembly. Replacing a blown fuse requires that you unscrew the old fuse and consider replacing with a new one of similar type and electrical rating.